Unable to see emails in Webapp

Good morning.

I can see the following problem in the latest webapp.

a) I receive an email, I can view it correctly in the preview in my case in the bottom part of the screen

b) I doubleclick on it, and it is brought up in a separate tab, but the text is empty.

c) This appears to be more often when the text of the email contains images.

d) I cannot always replicate it, but it’s definitely happening.

c) It did not happen a few versions before.

Correction. The email is shown eventually (most of the times) but whilst in previous versions it was instant, in the new one it can take up to a minute before in a separate window the text or images are shown.

In the preview section it is instant.

Hi Marco,

It might be related to: https://jira.kopano.io/browse/KW-1396


In my case it happens on Firefox although I just tried now and it didn’t (it did just 20 minutes ago).

100% happening again, so it is a real problem.

The text briefly appears on the screen then disappears!

(This is when I doubleclick to open the email message in a new tab).

It happens in Firefox but not Opera (I know, not officially supported).

I checked again and 100% happening in Firefox and 0% in Opera.

We’ll revert the fix in https://jira.kopano.io/browse/KW-1396 so please track this ticket.

Thanks, I will check and when done I’ll retest.

Hi Marco,

I’ve reverted the fix. The (master) packages are available tomorrow morning.

great thank you.


I can confirm the problem is now fixed in Firefox after taking the latest packages.