GAB entries look like appointments reminders

So we have seen a couple times where an Outlook user with KOE complains that a bunch of appointment reminders have just popped up! If the user uses “Dismiss All”, it goes away and is never seen again. But one user (our chairman unfortunately) to a scheetshot.
All of the appointments have the subject in the format “account-##/##” and the location is some randon GUID. However, the body of the contact is clearly a number of contact from the GAB in JSON format.

Our users freak out about every little thing, is there a way to stop this from happening?

Please upgrade to KOE 1.4 RC, announced here:

If the problem reoccurs I will. Thanks

For the meantime, we told him it was a corrupt appointment and he was happy with this (for now). I would prefer to wait until the final release is out.


Well, we have much positive feedback on the RC and I would still recommend the update. There are many relevant fixes for Outlook + KOE stability in it.

Anyhow, it should be final soon.