Kopano webapp "From Addresses" Option

I have installed the latest mainline 3.4.8 version and noticed the “From Addresses” option in settings (it may have been there before but I never noticed it).

I have setup an alias address but now I do not know how to create an email with the aliased email address.

Is there any documentation or how can this be used?

If this does what I think it does, it’s a great functionality.


have to show the from field on composing new mail :



@mcostan said in Kopano webapp "From Addresses" Option:

it may have been there before but I never noticed it

That has been around for ages. Probably some 1.x that introduced it.

But first you have to add the alias addresses in the settings area (Send As) …

thanks! Apologies… I missed it all this time!

@mcostan classic! I have made the exact same mistake myself, after an upgrade I also thought that the from-address button had disappeared, this post https://forum.kopano.io/topic/543/send-as-button-is-gone

Ah, nice not to be the only one …