Send-as button is gone.

In suddenly noticed that I no longer have the “send-as” button available when composing email. I’ve tried both webapp and deskapp, on 3 different kopano-server, the “send-as” button is gone. I have several identities configured in my send-ass settings.
We run
Kopano Core: 8.3.3-23

Anybody else seen this?


Hi don’t know the send-as button but i think you should
enable the send as like here by adding the ‘from’ address field and select the send-as address from dropdown menue



Thanks. But I realized right after, that i had simply forgotten that I had to manually add the “send-as” button, I was so sure that the “send-as” button just automatically appeared once I had configured a “send-as” identity under my Setting. So, in short, all is fine, nothing wrong with Kopano, just my mind.

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