Default "send as" adresse other than the logged in user

  • We have a secretary, that logs into webapp with her own useraccount. When inside webapp, she also has a shared account (non active-user) by the name of “secretary”, where she does 99% of her work. We have send-as setup, but, unless she actively chooses send-as “secretary”, the mail s will appear to come from her logged-inn personal account.

    Is it possible to set the send-as user as default sender somehow? So that she does not have to remember to to the extra click every tie she sends emails.

  • Kopano

    That’s currently not possible and I’ve created a ticket for this improvement here:

  • Hi Klausade,

    if the secretary spends 99% of her time answering as secretary, why don’t you put the secretary emailaddress as her account address and setup her personal email as a ‘send as’ alias?

    regards, Bro

  • Kopano

    my two cents to this would be that if she replies to a message from the shared mailbox, she will already send with this mailbox in the from.

  • @fbartels

    yes, that would make sense :)

    regards, Bro

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