IOS 11 Problems

Just fyi, several people here (USA) updated to IOS 11 yesterday and the mailapp over activesync has problems. Searching the web there are widespread problems with IOS 11 email and any Microsoft cloud or Exchange account. Problems we have seen with z-push are inability to reply to messages and message status (read/unread) not being updated. Don’t think anything to do with z-push.

Thanks for the report. I’ve read about issues sending email, but we weren’t able to reproduce them yet.

Do you reply simple text emails? Do these emails have attachments?
I’ve read reports that sending “certain types of attachment” (while the author didn’t specify which ones exactly) can not be sent.


Hi Sebastian,
The mail I can’t reply to was sent from Deskapp/Webapp via zarafa 7.2.5 so I assume it was html. It had no attachments but did have embedded links.

I can send you the eml of the message if that would be useful. I didn’t see any problems in the z-push logs, or really any indication the phone ever got that far.

I still have the problem so I guess I could crank up the z-push logging and see if I can see anything more?


Yes, please enable WBXML Z-Push logging and try to send/reply such an email.
The log will contain an eml that the phone tries to send.

Not sure if we can work around it, probably not. But it would be interesting to see what is wrong there.


Can I send the WBXML to you via private message or email? I don’t think the phone is ever even hitting z-push.

Except I’m using Kopano not Exchange or Outlook 365 :-)

The amazing thing about this is Apple knew about it before releasing and released anyway.

Apples bug but we may be seeing the problem as we have nginx in front of apache for webmeetings. You can see the HTTP/2 requests coming in from the IOS 11 phones.

X.XXX.XXX.XXX - [20/Sep/2017:15:02:25 -0500] “POST /Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync? HTTP/2.0” 200 461 “-” “Apple-iPhone8C2/1501.372” “-”

It looks like the IPhones HTTP/2 SendMail request is probably malformed as it doesn’t make it though our nginx proxy to apache. The rest of the requests get converted into HTTP/1.1 and show up in the apache logs.

In the front end nginx logs upon a failed send
XX.XXX.XXX.XXX - [20/Sep/2017:15:26:17 -0500] “POST /Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync? HTTP/2.0” 400 220 “-” “Apple-iPhone8C2/1501.372” “-”

No issues to report with iOS 11 and Z-Push 2.3.8 final + nginx 1.13.5 with http2 enabled in nginx host config.

listen fastopen=256 ssl http2; - [24/Sep/2017:12:34:38 +0400] “POST /Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync? HTTP/2.0” 200 0 “-” “Apple-iPhone9C3/1501.372” - [24/Sep/2017:12:34:39 +0400] “POST /Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync? HTTP/2.0” 200 25 “-” “Apple-iPhone9C3/1501.372”

@deisenlord Reconfiguring your apache setup to accept HTTP/2 connections should address the issue you are experiencing. HTTP/1.1 requests will still be accepted/processed by both nginx (frontend) and apache (backend)

btw- you may want to redact your email address from your log posts.

This is kind of a very big bug on iOS 11. Many user have complained that they cannot send , receive, and replay from their, Office 365, or Exchange 2016 in iOS 11 Mail app on iPhone iPad, after upgrading to iOS 11. Apple official has already announced this problem and that they will team up with Microsoft to solve this iOS 11 exchange issue.
By far, the practical solution is downloading the free Outlook for iOS client from the App Store. The Outlook for iOS client fully supports various email services, including, Office 365, and Exchange Server 2016. Hope it works for you.

For more iOS 11 problems, you can find the answers in this page, I found it couple days ago: 37 Common iOS 11 Problems and Quick Fixes >

@stephenr I agree, Apple should have consulted with the concerned technology maintainers prior to enforcing http/2 for ActiveSync. However, I also commend Apple for pushing forward with the adoption of newer technologies/features. They just went about it the wrong way.

For Z-Push users though, the recommended and working solution is to upgrade http web/proxy services to support http/2

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