Drag and Drop

Hello community,

is it possible to use Drag and Drop in the WebApp/DeskApp application. For me it isn`t working at the moment.



Drag and drop only works with DeskApp, and it works just fine on Linux and Windows for me.

Thanks for your feedback!

Actually I would say it really depends on from where you drag and where you want to drop.

Dropping files from the OS to the attachment box is something that has worked for ages, but is maybe not that intuitive (don’t own a Mac, so I cannot say if its any different there).

But i do work on a Mac, and there is also works ;)
Also dragging screenshots from a Finder window in the email body works, etc.

So what is specifically not working, @FoxholeCommander ?

Hi @FoxholeCommander

Does it work with you now?

Is there a trick or need to configure drag & drop?
For me it does not work either in the Webapp or DeskApp.

Regards Alexander

@A-Altenhoff What are the exact steps you take?

Ok, sometimes it helps to you ask the right question.
I’ve always tried to drop the attachments to the mailbody
(as I have done in the outlook) .

If I drop it direct on the attachmant field it works well. ;-)

Thank you