Unread Messages


can I only filter unread Messages.
The Widged not seems to be resizable.



We’ve ticket https://jira.kopano.io/browse/KW-185 for this.

You could perhaps as a workaround use search for this:

  • In search bar type a space and press search
  • Filter for unread items
  • Add the search results to your favorites.

So I was just trying this with Desk/WebApp and it is not working

I wanted to create a favorites search folder for all unread mail:
If I just enter a space in the search window, and it seems to only show read items! So when I select “Unread items” it shows me nothing.

I know this is a relatively old ticket, but it is the exact problem I’m having…

@marty In my setup, this workaround will not pick up unread mail in the Inbox, but if i have unread mail in other folders, they will show up when filtering for unread, just not the unread mails in my Inbox.

I created this filter just for my inbox and it’s working fine in Webapp

I just upgraded last night to:
Kopano Core

And I’m still seeing the problem. I can’t see any unread emails with just using a space as the search term.

@robertwbrandt said in Unread Messages:

And I’m still seeing the problem. I can’t see any unread emails with just using a space as the search term.

Actually, I just found that my Unread favorite is working, but only showing unread items which have arrived since creating the favorite. Older Unread items do not show.

I have verified that the Search options included “Any Date”

@marty said in Unread Messages:

How many results have kopano-search found?

How do I check that?

Not too sure I’m looking in the right place. All I can see are entries like:

2017-12-01 15:11:45,582 - index0 - INFO - syncing folder: "myusername" "Inbox"
2017-12-01 15:11:45,595 - index0 - INFO - found previous folder sync state: E32000002F3E6309
2017-12-01 15:11:49,494 - index0 - INFO - saved folder sync state: E3200000B3BF6309
2017-12-01 15:11:49,495 - index0 - INFO - syncing folder "Inbox" took 3.90 seconds (23 changes, 0 attachments)

I restarted the service but didn’t see anything useful in the logs.

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