Address format changes from zarafa-client to z-push/KOE

  • Users that changed from Outlook 2007/zarafa-client to z-push/KOE can not longer answer on mails that they stored into a PST. If they press “answer” on a e-mail in the PST, the recipient names are shown proper - and the “check names” button does not change something. But the Outlook-Properties can not be found and the mail is stuck in the Outbox until the address is changed manual.
    This happens not with mails in the Server-Inbox.

    Is there a workaround to fix this and convert the addresses in the PST? The only way that I found is the import of the PST into the server using the zarafa-client - and an export with KOE. But it’s a lot of effort…

  • Hi,
    if you use Z-Push your mails are stored in an *.ost file not any more in an *.pst file.
    You can try to import the old files with 2 ways.

    1. try this with a dummy mailbox!
    2. Use the Outlook -> File -> Open and export -> Import/export and import your pst file.

    Best regards

  • The OST is not the replacement for a PST, it’s the replacement for the mariaDB files that the zarafa client uses in the offline mode.
    The user don’t want to import the mails, they should stay in the PST file. But the address needs to be in a format, that can be used to answer to an old mail.
    How a PST import works is clear (I would use the ZarafaMigrationTool), but I need to do it with the old Outlook/ZarafaClient to keep all addresses. After that export them again with the new Outlook/KOE.

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