Renamed Subject is not synced to server

  • When renaming the subject line in Outlook, it just seems to work

    and no errors are reported


    But when checking the server data, the subjectline is still unchanged.


    I could not find any hints in the OL log file. We have tried with the lastest OL extension 1.4 and Outlook 2013 / 2016.

    Is this an EAS limitation or is it Kopano related ?

    It’s just a bit unconvienant as the user does not get any errors reported and thinks that it “just worked”. As far as I know there are lots of users changing subject lines (for example for mails from a scanner or fax inbox).

    Any other users with that issue ?


  • Kopano

    This will not work as in ActiveSync there is no way of “editing emails” (which is also the limitation why the Draft folder sync is not supported).

    To be very honest, I always found that to be a very droll feature and I always recommended people not to use it.

    Resuming: OL (with or without KOE) will not be able to handle this correctly. It will be changed in Outlook, but will never be synchronized to the server. It’s a local change only.

  • Hi Sebastian,

    thanks for the reply. I already thought it’s an EAS issue.
    Me either does not like that “feature” and if you would ask me, they should never have implemented such things. But endusers are not like “us”… ;-)
    Anyway, thanks for enlighten me !

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