php-curl not available with webapp files-plugin

Hi everybody,

I have newly upgraded my old zarafa installation to kopano on Debian 9.0.
Today I tried to activate the files plugin, but when I try to setup up my owncloud account it stays offline and tells that php-curl is not available. But in fact I have php-curl and php7.0-curl installed (on debian 9.0 php7 is used). The phpinfo tells me that curl is loaded.


; configuration for php curl module
; priority=20

cat -n /etc/php/7.0/apache2/php.ini | grep extension_dir

 ; extension_dir = "./"
  ; extension_dir = "ext"
  ; Be sure to appropriately set the extension_dir directive.
  ;sqlite3.extension_dir =

Hope that anybody can help.

Thanks in advance!

Could you double check if the module is enabled? Maybe activate it with a2enmod.


thanks for your answer. I tried that, but could´t find any module named curl.

a2enmod curl
ERROR: Module curl does not exist!

any other variants didn´t worked aswell (php-curl, php7-curl…)

Ah yeah I have that same problem on my debian9 machine.
But my curl extension is actually loaded.

Do you have the file

and did you restart apache after installing the module?

yes, this files exists with the following content:

; configuration for php curl module
; priority=20

also restarted apache of course ;)

Since you’ve upgraded jessie to stretch a new php version (7) is also installed.
Please double check if php5 is not used (Can be checked in phpinfo).

For example:
Configuration File (php.ini) Path should be “/etc/php/7.0/apache2”

Hi Marty,

everything seems to be on php7.


btw, could you paste your versions of kopano and mapi:
dpkg -l | egrep ‘kopano|mapi’


I’ve come across the same issue and I’m hoping someone figured t his out already. If so could you post the fix?

a2enmod curl is failing even though curl 7.48 shows as enabled in php (via info.php printout) because there is not a curl.load file in the /etc/apache2/mods-available folder.

I do find in /usr/lib/php/20151012/
And there are two 20-curl.ini files:

I suspect that somewhere there should be a curl.load file generated by some app durring Kopano php install.
I’ve been looking on line for hours and nothing about how to generate the file manually.
Also, apt-get remove curl and reinstall does not help

How to proceed? Any help would be greatly appreciated.