msg-files with Kopano OL Extension

  • Some of my users save Outlook messages (msg-files) to their ERP solution. This is just a SMB-share on a server.
    When they open one of these msg-files, it will work as expected the first time. But if they close it and try to rename or reopen the file, it isn’t possible because Outlook still has the file open somehow. (Doesn’t matter if local or on a share).


    When disabling the Kopano addon, they can open/close/rename the same msg-file as much as they like, no issues.
    I have tested this behaviour with the stable release and the pre-release (1.4-202), both with the same results (Outlook 2013 and 2016 on Win7x64 and Win10x64).
    They seem to use this quite often and telling them to completely close Outlook is not a solution. Any ideas ?

  • Kopano

    This sounds like it could be connected to KOE-103.
    I will ask the developer to take a look at this case.

  • Hi Sebastian, thanks for the speedy reply !

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