Creating contact groups in a public contacts folder

  • I am using these:
    Kopano version 1.3.156
    Z-Push version 2.3.6

    I am trying to create a location where employees of a company can share a set of contacts that will stay synchronized between their computers using Outlook and the Kopano extension.
    I created a shared public folder and successfully moved some contacts into it from Outlook. I was then able to view them in the webapp, but not in Outlook on someone else’s computer apparently because of this bug.
    Once I upgrade Z-Push that problem will hopefully be resolved, but the solution still is not complete because it appears as though I am unable to add contact groups to the public folder in Outlook. The company manages several large membership lists, and the groups are very important functionality for them. Is there a way I can make this work with the shared folder system? If not, is there a recommended alternative or a feature in development?
    Thank you

  • Kopano

    Hi @jcaz ,

    distribution lists are unfortunately not part of the activesync protocol and are therefore disabled in Outlook. for future reference we have the ticket for this and are general in favor of working around this through koe, but up until now we did not find a practical way in doing so.

    One possible workaround (at least when working inside of Outlook) that was suggested in a microsoft forum, when someone asked a similar question regarding hotmail is to use categories and then group contacts by categories. but that is imho not really an approachable solution.

  • @fbartels Hi Felix,

    Thank you for your quick response. I did read that the distribution lists were unsupported by standard ActiveSync, but I was unsure if that applied to the folders accessed through the Kopano extension. Thank you for clearing up my confusion.

    I am going to give the categories a try, and if that doesn’t work I will explore synchronization methods external to Outlook.


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