Outlook 2016 secondary contacts not synchronized

  • Outlook 2016 AS with Z-Push 2.3.6, KOE 1.3.156

    I have a contacts folder named GAB in the public folders. This folder is configured in the z-push.config file as shared folder. The shared folder has read permissions for everyone. The folder is visible in Outlook but there are no contacts shown.

    Output from z-push-admin:

    Synchronization progress:
            Folder: GABâ               Sync: Initialized   Status:  0% (0/54)
    Configured Contact  SYSTEM         GAB                  Active (KOE patching incomplete)

    What could be wrong?

  • Kopano

    There is known issue that prevents contact folders in the Public Folders to be patched correctly.

    Please upgrade your installation to 2.3.7beta0+43 and close+reopen the shared folder again. This should solve the issue.

    For reference, the related ticket is: https://jira.z-hub.io/browse/ZP-1220


  • Sorry but I can’t install beta software on our production system, I will wait for the final :) Thanks for the information

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