Outlook 2016 secondary contacts not synchronized

Outlook 2016 AS with Z-Push 2.3.6, KOE 1.3.156

I have a contacts folder named GAB in the public folders. This folder is configured in the z-push.config file as shared folder. The shared folder has read permissions for everyone. The folder is visible in Outlook but there are no contacts shown.

Output from z-push-admin:

Synchronization progress:
        Folder: GABâ               Sync: Initialized   Status:  0% (0/54)
Configured Contact  SYSTEM         GAB                  Active (KOE patching incomplete)

What could be wrong?

There is known issue that prevents contact folders in the Public Folders to be patched correctly.

Please upgrade your installation to 2.3.7beta0+43 and close+reopen the shared folder again. This should solve the issue.

For reference, the related ticket is: https://jira.z-hub.io/browse/ZP-1220


Sorry but I can’t install beta software on our production system, I will wait for the final :) Thanks for the information