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  • Hi,

    one question.
    In case that z-push not really supports categories we have to setup for on or the other user more than one Calendar to handle this and make this better visible.
    Best solution can be that z-push supports categories, but this is a wish and I know it’s not really in the active sync stack.
    Anyway my client on the android devices can handle categories very well.

    So in case that some of this calendars also should be visible for some other users to schedule some things up, we have to share them to this user and also searching this calendars folders on the prompt and give access that this calendars also will be synchronized on the devices :

    Is there a other solution, so that , as a example all calendars from other users will be summarized in one calendar of this other users.

    Like so:


    Thank you for your passions and Ideas

  • Kopano

    To be honest I have a certain difficulty understanding what you mean.

    1. ActiveSync supports categories for appointments. Not sure if (and which) client support these, but they are part of the protocol and implemented in Z-Push.

    2. I think what you want to do is to share calendars. This works on a folder level. The shared calendars are additional calendar folders that are then on your phone. Some Android phones don’t support folders and show all the calendars “together”. This generates a lot of confusion and makes it harder to e.g. create an appointment in a certain folder. IOS devices handle that much better imho.

    At the moment there is no easy way to setup shared folders on mobile devices.
    The easiest atm is to use the static configuration in the main Z-Push config file if you don’t have many devices and users and want to handle a few folders.
    To have something more individualized, you should use the webservice as described here (needs some additional technical skill):

    In the near future it will be possible to configure shared folders on mobiles via the WebApp MDM plugin.


  • Kopano

    @theodorm the good news is that Z-Push (and for that matter ActiveSync) support categories.

    As for your alternative plan: it seems (just as with your previous venture into the caldav import plugin) that you are a current or previous Google calendar user. There indeed you had multiple calendars that you could filter in or out like categories, but presented themselves as one calendar to the user. (at least it felt like that a few years ago when I last used it)

    In Mapi on the other hand you have one calendar that can have items of multiple categories. You can only share a calendar as it is and not combine multiple categories/calendars into one calendar on the other side. And only the data of your primary calendar will end up in your free/busy information

    There is basically not much incentive to use multiple calendars.

  • @fbartels @Sebastian

    Hi thank you for your replay.
    Sounds good, I think it can work now whit only one calendar (calendar Tab).
    My client nine exchange (on android,in a short time also on iOS) can handle the categories very well in bot direction.
    The thing I’m failing at is to work with this given categories, this part has a deficit.
    I remember, there was a idea or feature request to handle this better.

    There should be a plugin or possibility to change categories or setup own categories for the drop Down Menue.
    Or is there a possibility to change the file in which the given categories are stored.
    I meand this:

    **Anrufe**; Favoriten; **Feiertag**; Geschenke; Geschäft; Häufige Kontakte; Ideen; International; Key Account; Lieferanten; Persönlich; Status; Strategien; Urlaubskarten; Verschiedenes; VIP; Wartend; Wettbewerb; Zeile/Grundsätze; Zeit & Ausgaben;

    From all this categories are only 2 usable for Appointments, from my point of view.
    If some one will add to Appointment as example as Dinner, Restaurant, Theatre, Meeting, Presentation…etc…which are more usual for this categories, then he must do this by hand and for each Appointment again.
    If you write it once wrong then you will not be able to find the Appointment again through the search, if you search by category.
    Also the categories should by sorted in alphabetical order from A-Z and maybe if you write in the Web- or Deskapp in the field “Ellement gehört zu…” a first Letter then only the categories whit this letter should be shown below.
    It will be also great if a category has a own color.

    Categories for contacts should be different then the categories for events, or would you categorize a contact as Zeile/Grundsätze ;)

    And as a other example, in contacts we have Jahrestage und Geburtstage, but if then kopano creates a recurring event in the main calendar, this events have no category.

    This are my thought about the categories part of kopano.

    Great tool…as I said, but whit some corrections it can be really powerful and unique…

    Best Theo

  • Kopano

    @theodorm said in Linking Several Calendars to on Calendar in other Users Acount:

    The thing I’m failing at is to work with this given categories, this part has a deficit.
    I remember, there was a idea or feature request to handle this better.

    This is then more of a WebApp topic, therefore I have moved this thread.

    But to give some more insights, the categories you list are the “old Outlook 2003 predefined categories”. These will indeed be replaced in WebApp with the newer color style categories in on if the upcoming versions. The WebApp team may know more details on that.

  • @fbartels
    Will be great to get this insights from them…sounds good and indeed 2003 is a long time ago ;)

    Best Theo

    PS: should we rename the post?

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