Webapp with several accounts "jumps" to wrong folder

We have an admin account with all users in it. When we open the folder structure of one user and navigate in it, then later open the folder structure of another user and then click on e.g. “sent”, the cursor will jump to the first folder structure instead of displaying the contents of “sent”. This is with current firefox and current webapp.

Hi Isol,

Do you mean current final of WebApp or are you using a master build?
Can you post the exact version?

We use WebApp from the portal download page.

@isol So a different folder will be selected or is only the cursor / scrollbar moved? Is the problem more like

I have noticed the following:

I am an admin user. I can see my favourite folders on top.

I then open another user’s account.

I close it.

And some of the favourite folders are at the bottom now for some reasons, below all other folders including public ones (if I remember correctly).

Version of webapp, one of the latest, may well be 3.4 something.

I don’t think I have this.

  • The folder is target of a mail-filtering-rule.

which is in your posting.

Also the folder that appears in my case is a folder and subfolder too…

Yes it seems it is the problem described in KW-1388 and this seems to be fixed in 3.4, so we will wait for that.