Feature-request: manuell webapp-address for KOE-Ribbon

Hi all,

the webapp-button in kopano-ribbon is deaktivated. Only Autodiscover this can be set and activated, but we dont want to use it.
Is there a way to manually set this address?

If not, you got a feature-request for that right now :)



what would be your use case for the manual configuration of the Webapp location?

I must say I would rather go for an additional alternative to the current dns approach (say for example by defining a “.well-known/kopano-webapp”), than go for a manual per client configuration.

Just to be certain, please note that the ActiveSync/Outlook autodiscover is not related to the deskapp autodiscover which is used for this feature.

Basically you only need to set the dns entry, even if you don’t plan to use DeskApp.
Can I ask why you don’t want to set this? Or what your concerns are?

Hello @Sebastian, @fbartels,

i’ve seen the autodiscover in installation and decided in team , that we wont use it. (ActiveSync/Outlook)
So i’ve overlooked the autodiscovery funktion for WebApp/DeskApp - Didn’t even recognize that theese are 2 different types :/

Thanks @Sebastian for sticking my nose directly into this :)

I’ve set the DNS-Entry, wait 10 minutes and its working - but i still think the possibility to set WebApp-Link via PluginDebugger would be nice too (Dont know a szenario where you cant use DNS-Entrys but for some stupid people like me :) )