WebApp settings don't work if you had previously opened a shared storage which no longer exists!

  • Alternative title: How to completely and permanently screw up your WebApp account in just a few steps!

    Steps to reproduce:
    create user1 (kopano-admin -c user1 -e user1@nowhere.net -f "User1 -P)
    create user2 (kopano-admin -c user2 -e user2@nowhere.net -f "User2 -P)
    login as user2 in webapp, right click root store and grand full ownership permissions to “user1”, then logout
    login as user1 and click open shared folders, select “Entire Inbox” and Name: User1, then logout
    delete user2 (kopano-admin -d user2)
    Login as user1 in WebApp and click “Settings” in the upper right corner!

    Here is a screenshot:
    User1 (here named “Spam Account”) is logged in and viewing a folder:
    alt text

    User1 (here named “Spam Account”) is logged in and has dared to click on “Settings”:
    alt text

    I have found no way to fix this. No way at all. Have not found a way to reset the WebApp settings without being able to click Settings! So I’m totally screwed.

    Tested with

    • WebApp
    • WebApp
    • and I’m pretty sure this also is happening with WebApp

    ==> if you still remember which deleted user it was that user1 had opened: you can recreate a user of the same name, login to webapp, remove the shared storage and delete the user again. This will fix it - but it of course will not help you if you have no idea what deleted account is causing the problem - I don’t think you can see any errors in the log that tell you because of which user the Settings panel won’t open.

  • Kopano

    Hi Gerald,

    Thanks for reporting.
    You can remove the shared store setting by running this in your console (press f12)

    container.getSettingsModel().set('zarafa/v1/contexts/hierarchy/shared_stores/'), [];


  • Thank you, the code snippet is a working uhm… workaround :-)

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