Drag and Drop E-Mails to Filesystem

  • Dear forum users,

    We have programmed a solution from a customer project so that emails can be saved as an eml file in Explorer using drag and drop.

    This works in the Kopano WebApp as well as in the DeskApp. We are working on a version where email attachments can also be copied directly to the file system using drag and drop.

    It would be great for us to know whether there are other users who would be interested in such an add-on.

    Current version scope:
    can mark one or more e-mails, appointments or contacts and save them as eml file (s) using drag and drop

    Program description:
    runs on Windows 10 (unfortunately not on Linux or MAC)
    Kopano 8.7.9 and WebApp 3.5.14
    Not (yet) terminal server compatible
    a small program must be installed on the PC, which some virus protection programs classify as malware ;-)
    a valid SSL certificate is required

    If anyone is interested, please post here or send us an email to office@siedl.net.

    We would appreciate any feedback :-)


  • Dear Robert,
    such a function would be great and many customers asked for it…moving attachments directly would be the optimal solution!
    Greetings from quarantine (Tirol)…

  • Dear Martin,

    we are currently working on one or more attachments that can be copied to the explorer using drag and drop. So far this is going well, but it is not yet something that we can give away for testing at this point.

    As soon as we have a beta version, I will post it here in the forum,

    greetings from Krems,


  • Hi Robert,
    great, sounds good! I would also like to test the .eml Export… may I? (should I write an email to you?)

    I use a small tool that converts .msg (old Outlook mails that my customers saved into folders…) into .eml and open them with Kopano DeskApp… works very good. (command line tool with a small script to integrate in the windows explorer)
    Your DragDrop solution would take over some people’s usual way of working with their old outlook…

    Looking forward to hear from you,

  • Dear Martin,

    since Robert is out of office at the moment, i’ll answer here instead.
    Testing the eml export is possible with an early build of the client software, but bear in mind, that it’s an early version that does not provide support for all the features currently available in the WebApp plugin.
    Also remember that the application may be flagged as a virus due to the way it works in the background of the user session, and being a debug build does not help in these regards.

    For further communication may i request communication via email?
    Just send us a quick mail on our office address mentioned above, we’ll go on from there.

    Kind regards, Geri

  • Hi,

    I will link to the right thread here if you want to download and try our plugin: