Drag and drop elements and attachments

  • Hi,

    as announced some time ago, we have developed a Kopano plugin with the following features:

    .) Drag and drop elements such as emails (.eml), contacts (.vcf) and appointments (.ics) into Windows Explorer
    .) Drag and drop one or more attachments from an email into Windows Explorer

    System requirements:
    .) Windows 10 on the client
    .) Kopano WebApp (=> 4.x)
    .) SSL certificate (Let’s Encrypt is supported)

    can also be installed on a Windows Terminal Server!

    Installation Guide:

    Setup WebApp Plugin:

    Install the .deb package via dpkg (dpkg -i <filename>.deb).
    Modify the config if necessary.
    enable - true/false: Should the plugin be enabled by default for new users.
    client_enabled - true/false: Should the plugin be set to use the client-app by default.
    client_port: Port to be used for communication with the client, needs to match the port set in client config.

    If necessary enable the plugin manually for your user and check the ‘Use client-application’ checkbox.
    If you’re on a not Debian-based OS either extract the .deb manually, or let us know and we’ll provide you with a zip.
    Setup Client-App:

    As for now, manual installation is required, we’ll provide a setup with the first non-beta build.

    Unpack the contents of the zip to somewhere outside of a userprofile (preferably to %programfiles%\Siedl Networks\SiKoDaD\ for compatibility with the installer later on)
    Modify sikodad.ini to you liking (port used and logging verbosity)
    Run install_service.cmd with Administrator-privileges to register the app as a windows service called ‘SiKoDaD’, then enable autostart for the service and/or start the service manually (via services.msc or other means)
    Everything should be ready to use now, just make sure to reload WebApp / DeskApp after starting the service for it to connect properly.

    Download Link:

    Have fun testing!

    We would be very happy to receive your feedback!


  • Yes installed it on Kopano4UCS an tried with Deskapp.
    Works !!


  • Support for Linux Clients would be nice :)

  • yes, we think so too :-)

  • Hi @ramon-kramer ,

    Linux support is definitely planned (since we internally only use Linux clients), and it may even work there without the installation of software on the client (at least in GNOME, since its filemanager supports direct download of links, but i haven’t tested other desktop managers yet, direct opening of the file in other apps is a different case though)
    Currently the main focus lies on the release of a stable version, so it’ll sadly still be a while for me to implement Linux support though.

    Kind regards, geri

  • @robsie said in Drag and drop elements and attachments:

    yes, we think so too :-)

    Yes, Linux (KDE Plasma) would be really nice.

  • @robsie said in Drag and drop elements and attachments:

    Drag and drop elements such as emails (.eml), contacts (.vcf) and appointments (.ics) into Windows Explorer

    We installed the plugin on us UCS Kopano. This is working fine with attachments, but not with Emails or contacts.

  • Unfortunately, I don’t know the mistake.

    Please send us an email to support@siedl.net, because my support team has to check that


  • My colleague had already successfully phoned your support today. Works perfect. Thanks :)