Calendar backend and iOS

  • Hi,

    I’ve created a backend to deliver calendars via activesync.
    When I receive invitations via email, I have strange behaviours only using Apple Mail.
    If I receive it on Android or on iOS using Spark, I can add the event directly on any calendar configured.
    If I receive it on iOS Apple Mail, the ics can be imported, and it suggests me to add it showing all calendars, both iCloud and my own activesync ones, but it doesn’t let me choose the latters.

    I tried adding a Google account too with calendars.
    Apple Mail allows me to add the invitation event and choose both iCloud and GMail, only my own activesync cannot be selceted (showed but unselectable).
    Any idea if there is anything I may have wrong on the backend?
    Do you know of any similar problem with other z-push backends?


  • Kopano

    iOS is quite picky in this regard.
    Can you post a WBXML of the meeting request that you are synching to iOS?

    Especially, how does the SYNC_POOMMAIL_GLOBALOBJID (globalobjid) look like? It needs to be valid, either an OL id or a vCal-UID (GUID) encoded correctly (look at Utils::GetOLUidFromICalUid()) and

    If there is no matching tentative in the calendar, you need to send it base64 encoded, if so as hex (this seems to be due to an issue in iOS which interprets AS 14.0 as AS 16.1 where these ID are encoded differently).


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