Read confirmation does not work with error message

we upgraded from Zarafa to Kopano last week. Now we found problems on webapp read confirmations.

Error Message: Message could not be saved

and the message gets the status “not read” again after refresh of the inbox

does anyone have the same problem - better a solution?

Hi Kmeyer,

I couldn’t repro this. Are there any specific steps we need to know of?

hi marty,
there are no specific steps , KVM Guest with 32 GB Ram
Host with 8 Cores Dell R610 Server - DC400 SSDs and 80 GB
There are no log entries
Ubuntu Server 16.4
nginx with webmeeting included

I have no Idea now

Hi, I tried Outlook with the same user. It works fine.
with webapp the problem occurs

is there any possibility to log what happens while using webapp?

Hi Kmayer,

Good news. A colleague could reproduce this and will create a ticket.

really good news! :trophy:

I used Kopano Core: 8.4.0-344