Change displayed name of shared Calendars and Mail Folders

  • Hi all,

    is there a way to change how Outlook will display the names of imported shared folders?

    Currently for User: uid = ktu; cn = Kopano Test User

    Imported Inbox and Calendar will display:

    Posteingang - ktu
    Kalender - ktu

    desired display:

    Posteingang - Kopano Test User
    Kalender - Kopano Test User

    best regards


  • HI @RemoStrotkamp,

    if i search the user via Kopano-Ribbon in Outlook and i use the username, than the inbox will be displayed “Inbox - username”… If i search the displayname, the inbox is displayed like “Inbox - User Full Name”

    Check if its the same with your issue.


  • thanks a lot for the reply :-)

    @Coffee_is_life said in Change displayed name of shared Calendars and Mail Folders:

    opano-Ribbon in Outlook and i use the username, than the inbox will be displayed “Inbox - username”… If i search the displayname, the inbox is displayed like “Inbox - User Full Name”

    Just tried that. If I search for displayname the helper window automatically finds “Kopano Test user (ktu)”. If I click on that found user and hit open, then the list of importable Folders appears. If I check the Calendar entry and hit OK. Then it is displayed as Kalender - ktu

    If I do not click on the found user, but force the display name only via enter. Then no shared folders are found.

    Btw, forgot to add in my original post that we use ldap.

  • Kopano

    You can click on the folder before hitting “OK/Apply” and there you can modify the name that is used.
    Third picture of this section:


  • @Sebastian

    Hi Sebastian,

    yes, I know. Thing is we gonna migrate a few dozen people from zarafa to kopano. Most people have at ton of shared Calendars imported. When we tell them they will loose all their shared Calendars, enthusiasm will be way down already.

    When we tell them not only do they have to manually click through a way more involved and slower procedure per se than it was on old Connector. But as well the default names are crap and they have to hand edit the names for each… there might be boos…

    So I was asking if there is a way to change the default name chosen by Kopano. It’s not like full name is not in our ldap database. And it is not like I haven’t already specified in the kopano server configs what the name of that attribute is…

    it’s these little things that make users either happier about a change or even unhappier…

  • Kopano

    Ok, I understand your motivation.
    I am not sure if this is possible, but with the GAB sync setup correctly it might work fine.
    There is an option that allows you editing the default names for the signatures (available via the PluginDebugger).
    I’ve created a ticket to introduce such an option for opening shared folders:

    Still, please be (and make your users) aware that:

    • KOE is not a replacement for the Zarafa MAPI provider - and it’s not meant to be one!
    • It’s completely different technology (MAPI vs ActiveSync)
    • there are things that work better IMHO, but also many things that don’t work or work differently
    • your users should strongly reconsider if all shared folders and calendars are really needed. In KOE they are fully synchronized to the desktops. With the MAPI provider you could just “online access” them. This is a huge difference, especially for big folders! Don’t let them continue as is!
    • there is e.g. a button to open webapp directly from Outlook. For a folder you need to look at once or twice a month you shouldn’t synchronize it to Outlook, but better use the Webapp in these moments.

    It’s different technology. Your users should be aware of that.
    I hope you’ve added additional webserver resources because Z-Push server usage will go up steep (think about different usage of a desktop vs mobile software). Not sure how many users you plan to migrate, but don’t try this “all at once” (depending on the amounts of users).

    There are many points to be observed here. IMHO the folder names is not the most important thing you have to consider.


  • Kopano

    Hi @remostrotkamp ,

    the feature of changing the default suggested name has now been included in the latest 1.5 and master builds. You can read how to modify the name at