[solved] Quality of kontactpictures are gone after sync with Z-Push

  • Hello all,

    we use here Kopano with UCS 4.4. I migrated all me kontacts from Nextcloud to kopano. After the sync with z-push, the quality is gone. I see this on the mobile phone.

    So is this really right, is the quality gone? I can’t check this. Because in Kopano i did not find a button to increase a contact picture. Or is there a setting for the quality?

    Thanks a lot

  • Kopano

    Hi boospy,

    how did you migrate the contacts from Nextcloud to Kopano? Did you check the pictures after migration?

    Z-Push does check the size of a contact’s picture (default value is 5 MiB) and won’t sync a contact if the picture is bigger than that value. However Z-Push doesn’t manipulate pictures. Please provide a WBXML log of a contact with picture being synced to the mobile.


  • Hello,

    found the issue. I migrated over Outlook, because i was not able to import most of the vcards. Maybe the problem there was wrong UTF…
    So i’ve seen if i import over Outlook, pictures be a little bit smaller. Bad Outlook. Ok, i imported the pictures over kopano, and everything was fine.

    Yes this is fine.


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