Read Receipts from Outlook 2016

So I can see that Delivery Receipts is not a feature in Kopano, fine…

However, I have noticed that if mails are sent FROM Outlook the Read Receipt is respected in other clients, but if a mail is sent TO Outlook I never get an option to send a Read Receipt??

Forgot to mention, I did check the Outlook Options and the Tracking section does say to “Ask each time”…

Delivery receipts from Outlook will be available with KOE 1.4 and Z-Push 2.3.7 ( &
But yes, they are part of Kopano but not yet supported in OL via ActiveSync. Always check WebApp as it’s the leading client of Kopano.

It’s quite possible that read receipts are not available within Outlook, because this is by default not part of ActiveSync.
I am going to check if this is something we can add to KOE.



A bit off-topic but are there any plans for WebApp to include ability to request Delivery receipt? (I see WebApp does include ability to send Read receipts)

No clue, you need to ask that in the webapp threads.

Edit: The Jira is publicly available, you can search it. I’ve just found:

Thanks, Sebastian :-)

There is already a ticket for read receipts within Outlook:
This is going to be investigated now.