Problems with umlauts in subjects and sender

  • Hi there,

    since weeks I have some issues with umlauts in the subject or/and the sender address:

    In Outlook 2016 I see the following sender:

    Deutsche BC6rseVenture Network <>

    Mail-header in this part looks like this:

    From: =?us-ascii?Q?Deutsche_?= =?utf-8?Q?B=C3=B6rse?=
     =?us-ascii?Q?Venture_Network?= <>

    In Deskapp/Webapp all looks good:

    Deutsche Börse Venture Network <>

    Header in Deskapp/webapp

    From: "Deutsche=?UTF-8?Q?=20B=C3=B6rse=20?=Venture Network" <>

    Has someone the same error and can tell me what’s wrong? I resynchronized already Outlook. But nothing changed, also not with an update (I’ve the latest versions so far).

    Best wishes

  • Kopano

    @dev107 said in Problems with umlauts in subjects and sender:

    I’ve the latest versions so far

    This is generally a difficult statement, then what is the latest now, may not be the latest five minutes from now (especially with us delivering different versions to different segments, ie community vs customers).

    I am so far not able to see the same issue:

    • Kopano Core: 8.7.0
    • Z-Push: 2.6.0.alpha0+0.29d782bb
    • KOE 2.0.333
    • Outlook

  • @fbartels Ok, I understand.

    Kopano Core:
    Z-Push: 2.5.0.beta1+0-0
    KOE: 2.0.333

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