Folder can not be added because type '1' is not a permitted user type

Hey there,

i am trying to add my public folders via Outlook 2016. When doing so an error window is popping up:

Unable to apply the changes to the shared folders. Please try again later

Within the z-push logs the following shows up (the strings surrounded by <> are substituted by me in this case):

[ 9043] [ERROR] [<username>] ASDevice->SetAdditionalFolderList(): folder (id: '<folderid>' - name: '<folder-name> - SYSTEM') can not be added because the specified type '1' is not a permitted user type.

When i create a new folder within my public folders everything is working without a complaint.

I also tried to further investigate this error within the database, but was not able to indentify which table is holding the values for the stated error above […] type ‘1’ […].

Hopefuly somebody knows what to do and is able to point at the right direction. My only solution for now is to totaly recreate the public folder structure an copy the mail objects by hand :(.

Thx in advance

The problem is that the folder in your public folder has no PR_CONTAINER_CLASS set. Why is still unknown, but we’ve seen this on many installations. Importing via IMAP seems to be one culprit here.

You should get in touch with support. They have tools to fix this issue.


Hello Sebastian,

thx for you response. I will talk to the support guys!

best regards

Hello @Sebastian, @ps-drinks

i’ve got the same Problem:

<SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV=""><SOAP-ENV:Body><SOAP-ENV:Fault><faultcode>ERROR</faultcode><faultstring>ASDevice-&gt;SetAdditionalFolderList(): folder (id: 'f0bc882a8e0f410aa9765bd325976fe7f9a908000000' - name: 'Alle Öffentlichen Ordner') can not be added because the specified type '1' is not a permitted user type.</faultstring></SOAP-ENV:Fault></SOAP-ENV:Body></SOAP-ENV:Envelope>

2017/06/02 11:52:13.498 (1,VSTA_Main): Error: FeatureSharedFolders: Exception applying shared folders for account <username>: Acacia.ZPush.Connect.Soap.SoapException: ASDevice->SetAdditionalFolderList(): folder (id: 'f0bc882a8e0f410aa9765bd325976fe7f9a908000000' - name: 'Alle Öffentlichen Ordner') can not be added because the specified type '1' is not a permitted user type.
   at Acacia.ZPush.Connect.Soap.SoapRequestEncoder.ParseResponse(Stream result)
   at Acacia.ZPush.Connect.ZPushConnection.Execute(String url, RequestEncoder request)
   at Acacia.ZPush.Connect.ZPushWebService.Execute[ResponseType](SoapRequest`1 request)
   at Acacia.ZPush.API.SharedFolders.SharedFoldersAPI.SetCurrentShares(GABUser store, ICollection`1 shares, Nullable`1 cancel)
   at Acacia.Features.SharedFolders.SharedFoldersManager.SetSharesForStore(GABUser store, ICollection`1 shares, Nullable`1 cancel)
   at Acacia.Features.SharedFolders.SharedFoldersDialog.<dialogButtons_Apply>b__7_0(KUITaskContext ctx)
   at Acacia.Controls.KUITaskBase.TaskExecutor.<>c__DisplayClass11_0`1.<TaskContext>b__0(ExecutionState s)
   at Acacia.Controls.KUITaskBase.TaskExecutor.<>c__DisplayClass5_0.<Execute>b__0()

did you get some new info or should i open a new ticket?



Had the same issue. Created a ticket and they gave me a script that fixes it. :-)

Yes, it’s still recommended to fix the folders on the store, but we’ve just decided to remove this so Z-Push accepts these folders -
This is currently only in develop, but will be in Z-Push 2.3.7.