Kopano IMAP and SMTP

  • Hi there,
    I have a problem with Kopano and IMAP.
    Sometimes, I cannot connect to Kopano with Apple Mail Client and IMAP.
    Some time ago, I could restart the kopano-gateway services, everything was fine.
    But now, I can’t connect to Kopano, one to two times the week.
    The only solution was to restart the whole server.
    Today, I tried only to restart die kopano-gateway service, nothing happened. I tried to restart the kopano-server service, I could connect to Kopano via IMAP, but SMTP didn’t work.
    I also tried to restart all kopano services, but SMTP won’t work.
    I had to restart the whole Server.

    Can somebody help me? When I use IMAP, is the mail send only through postfix or is another kopano-service involved?


  • Kopano

    Hi @rs_1981,

    please include versions (and possibly OS) information when reporting problems. When you cannot login via imap then it would be interesting to know what is logged at these times on the server. is kopano-gateway running at all? is there something in its logging of maybe in the dmesg output?

    SMTP itself is unrelated to Kopano, as this is something your MTA (e.g. postfix) will provide for you.

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