deleted mails not deleted


I don’t know if its KOE or just z-push related, on all Outlook installations I’m using KOE.
The Problem is when deleting emails in Outlook (2013 and 2016) one by one mostly but not allways the latest one or two deleted emails are not deleted in Kopano-Core so they are still available through webapp, deskapp. After deleting them in webapp i get it twise in outlook wastebasket

also i noticed i get a question to save changes on closing outlook, which can only desclined as if i click save it tell’s it cannot be saved as it was modified elsewhere !!

I wonder if someone else has this symtom and what i can do to stop this behaviour ?


Hello @externa1,

the first question will be: What does the logs say:

Local on the PC:
%temp%/Kopano OL Extension.log

Specified in server.cfg and z-push/config.php
(most likely /var/log/kopano/server.log and /var/log/z-push.log)


I checked the logs, there are no errors
what i’ve seen now is :100:

deleted 3 mails with outlook client
only first 2 where deleted in webapp and iphone
the 3rd delete is still visible in webapp and iphone (refresh or open and close webapp did not change anything)
then i received a new mail and after that the 3rd deleted mail also desappeared in webapp and iphone !

so there must be some commitment missing in z-push i think

I’ll create a completly new test mail account to test this further and post the logs afterwards


In addition you can add the test-username in z-push/config.php in specialLogUsers:

$specialLogUsers = array('test-username'); 

to create a wbxml log. - Be carefull, this will gather much data (i had 7.5 MB in 3 minutes)

you can find the specific logfile in z-push Log folder named like the username.


How do you delete your emails?
Emails are basically moves to the wastebasket. A move is an copy+delete operation under the hood (copy the mail from the source to destination folder + delete it in the source folder).

We are debugging an issue where it’s not possible to set the flag after moving that also results in the question to save changes in Outlook, the ticket is this: (due to logs it’s sensitive atm, I will see that we make that public).

I think these issues are related. I don’t think this is related to Z-Push, but on how KOE and Outlook interact.
Could you try to deactivate KOE and delete another email? Do you see the same issue then?


I’m deleting the mails with the delete button in the outlook ribbon bar.
But i can now confirm that everytime i delete more than one mail (within few seconds) the last mail (and sometimes 2) get not deleted in webapp - but as soon as a new email is sent to the inbox the mail gets deleted in webapp. When deleting more mails by selecting them with strg in one step all of them get deleted at once also in webapp



Ok I have figured out the following :100:
after deleting a mail outlook status changes to “waiting for server answer” if i delete a second mail during this wait the mail gets not deleted on webapp - it gets deleted if a new mail arrives or if i delete another email, or if i wait for outlook status “all folders synced” to delete the second mail it also gets deleted in webapp, so thats not a big problem and i think it working as designed (Active Sync + KOE)


OK, thanks for the info.

Just to be clear, the entire sync engine between Outlook and the server is made by Microsoft. This also sounds a bit like a corner case. The change is queued as another sync process is happening (“waiting for server answer”).
The important part (to me) is that the deletion is not lost, but just delayed until the next sync happens.


Yes, that seems to be so, nothing is lost only happening on the next change (incoming mail or new deletion of mail)