KOE makes 2016 unusable

  • Hello,
    we have migrated from Zarafa to a new server with Kopano. After migration (also from Outlook 2007 to 2016) Outlook 2016 with installed KOE is not usable anymore. Changing between folders is extreme slow and the CPU cores are under heavy load.
    Also this is running now for a few days, as we thought it is a problem with the first synchronisation, no change with enabled Add-In. Disabling KOE results in a working Outlook but without the needed public calendar, folders etc.
    To make things clear, using the deskapp is not a solution for us. All clients have two accounts setup, on account is 33GB in size, the other one between 1 and 10GB. Zarafa was working fine with this sizes.
    Anyone here has the same experience or an idea where to look for the problem ?


  • Kopano

    This is not a known issue. It’s expected that KOE may slow down Outlook a bit, but not to the point that it becomes unusable.
    I have to say that I never tried to synchronize a 33 GB store to Outlook. That’s a lot of data to handle.

    Is the synchronization finished? You can see this via z-push-admin (we are working on a feature to show the progress in Outlook as well).
    I think a KOE log might also be helpful.

    You should open a support ticket for this.


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