Empty Mails with Kopano OL Extension

we use Kopano 8.6.8 with Kopano OLE 2.0.329 with Outlook 2016 and z-push 2.4.4.

Sometimes I receive empty Mails, for example this Mail from Teamviewer when you have to authorize a new computer.
In webapp or on my iphone, I can see the content. But in outlook, it’s empty.

Yesterday, I also got an empty e-mail from a supplier.

Does anybody have a solution or a tip?


Hi @rs_1981 ,

I have not yet heard of a similar report. Can you:

  • export the email at delivery time (by using log_raw_message in dagent.cfg)
  • create a wbxml log that captures the moment the mail is delivered to Outlook (see https://wiki.z-hub.io/display/ZP/Debugging for instructions)

and then post it either here, or if you don’t want to post it publicly open a case with our support?

Hi rs_1981,

I’m wondering if you found a solution for this issue as I’m facing the same situation since the last Kopano-Core update last week?

I am facing the same issue. I think this issue also described in the following post:

The solution over there is not working for me.

Do you have any hints about that?

Hi Felix,
the error situation mentioned by @rs_1981 - emtpy email item in Outlook (but available in webapp and on mobile devices) was also
menitioned at https://forum.kopano.io/topic/1342/mapiprovider-imtoinet-got-no-stream-or-content-from-mapi_inetmapi_imtoinet/13
I hoped it would be the same root cause, as the issue in the linked topic is marked as resolved.
Best Regards

Well, I am at least certain that the issue of @tompf is resolved by the linked topic.

@rs_1981 did report his error before the build that tompf was using was made public, so he must be facing a different issue. But we could only know once he provides more logging.

For me the error is resolved.

kopano-server kopano-server,
z-push-kopano 2.4.5+0-0,

from final repository the most emails are readable again. The last two email, which where still empty, I moved to subfolder and then I could read it.

Thanks to the Kopano-Team.

Best regards

For me this was resolved in the community version with core-
Thanks and best regards