Public calendars reminders

  • I still do get reminders from public calendars in Outlook Sometimes even if I click on “close” it will appear again.

    How do I disable them? Is there a possibility to disable the reminders on the server side?

    Z-Push: 2.3.5+4
    Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS
    Zarafa Product version: 7,2,1,51838
    Zarafa File version: 51838

  • Kopano

    Like I said in, KOE should ignore reminders from all shared folders by default. You’d need to click a checkbox to enable reminders for a specific calendar. (well at least versions >=1.3 do so)

  • Kopano

    You could in the KOE Shared Folder if the “Show reminders” checkbox of the shared folder is disabled?

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