GAB not visible

  • We are testing out the KOE with the view of rolling Outlook to all the users.
    We are using:
    Outlook 2016 w/ KOE v 1.2.7
    Z-Push: 2.3.5+4

    When I installed the KOE on test workstation, I could see the GAB (soon after I ran the GAB-Sync script) , but other users don’t see it.

    I assumed it was because I’m an admin and was a permissions issue. However, I cn’t find the Public Folders much less the Z-Push-KOE-GAB “hidden” folder!!!
    I finally used webaccess to find the Public Folders and give Everyone Full Rights (just for test) and I still can’t see the GAB in a non-admin test user.

  • Kopano

    Hi @robertwbrandt ,

    that you cannot normally see this folder is on purpose, to not confuse users too much. Could it be that the clients you tested were not yet fully synchronised? The gab syncs as the last item after the full store has been synced.

    The fastest way to check if everything has been setup properly is to check if there is a value in the filed “GABFolderLinked” in the Debug menu of KOE (under “accounts” and then the configured account).

  • On my account I can see the value in the GABFolderLinked field (Under my account in Accounts)
    But in a new test user with only one mail to sync, the value is empty, and I’m sure it has fully synchronized by now by:

    root@kopano-activesync:~# z-push-admin -a list -u testaccount
    Synchronized devices of user: testaccount
    DeviceId:		f70b67e83cc64d62b3b4521272645933
    Device type:		WindowsOutlook
    UserAgent:		Outlook/16.0 (16.0.4266.1001; MSI; x86)
    ActiveSync version:	14.0
    First sync:		2017-04-07 13:19
    Last sync:		2017-04-07 15:18
    Total folders:		12
    Short folder Ids:	Yes
    Synchronized folders:	9
    Synchronized data:	Emails(4) Contacts Calendars Notes Tasks GAB 
    Additional Folders:	none
    Status:			Not available
    WipeRequest on:		not set
    WipeRequest by:		not set
    Wiped on:		not set
    Policy name:		default
    Kopano Outlook Extension:
    	Version:	1.2.127
    	Build:		2ebd2639eaa1b645af471edb61e61390cde83075
    	Build Date:	2017-02-15 13:18
    	Capabilities:	unknown
    Attention needed:	No errors known

  • So I just discovered something…
    I thought it was strange that the Test Account above did list the GAB as “Synchronized data” but I couldn’t see it.

    I’m new to Outlook but I finally found the “Folders” tab where it shows all the folders available “…”
    In here I found a folder called “Z-Push-KOE-GAB”, but it is listed as a Calendar and the Calendar entries appear to the UUIDs.
    It is also available in the Calendars tab.



  • Kopano

    This is partly to be expected, as this is how we transport the GAB data to Outlook.

    I would suspect that KOE is not running. Do you see the Kopano tab in Outlook? Can you check the Debug dialog as suggested by Felix?
    If you don’t have it on the Ribbon, KOE got probably deactivated by Outlook.
    Check your Outlook settings (preferences) for disabled plugins.

  • Kopano

    And an update to 1.3 can also not hurt. Although i don’t​ expect an immediate relation to your issue.

  • So…
    I check and yes the plug was enabled and the Kopano Tab is visible.

    I checked the Debug in Kopano again, but this morning, the GAB-Folder-linked is now populated…

    I can also see the address book properly. Seems it “fixed” itself over the weekend…

    It is rather worrying that it took so long to “sync” properly… I wonder if it is connected to how slowly Outlook seems to send and receive mail in general over Activesync…

  • Kopano

    @robertwbrandt said in GAB not visible:

    It is rather worrying that it took so long to “sync” properly… I wonder if it is connected to how slowly Outlook seems to send and receive mail in general over Activesync…

    always depends on what you classify as “long”. Whats interesting to see is that Outlook always takes some moments to store the latest batch of received mails into the ost. So z-Push will send a batch of mail, Outlook is processing locally and then the next batch is requested.

  • Kopano

    It could also be that you were in loop detection, as that slows down your sync a lot. How big is the mailbox you were synchronizing?

  • @Sebastian, in the example above, it was a brand new account with an empty mailbox.

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