Ctrl+P not working after hovering over Email Address

  • Hi,
    since our last Update of the webapp to, printing using Ctrl+P is not working anymore.

    When opening an Email in DeskApp or WebApp printing works fine pressing Ctrl+P, but once the mouse hovers over an email address within the deskapp/webapp (e.g. the From Adress oder the TO address of the email) the DeskApp/WebApp shows an small Window (hovering over the Email and showing more Details of the address). Once this happend, pressing Ctrl+P has NO effect at all until a different Email is displayed.

    This can be reproduced in Deskapp (Windows), Chrome (Windows) and Firefox (Windows).

    Ist there any Chance to get this fixed? Our Secretaries are really annoyed by this bug.



  • Kopano

    Hi @dbugGmbH

    I’ve created a ticket for this issue

    Please track it.

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