Export user to PST file

  • So I came across a problem the other day… I needed to export a users mail store to a PST file for use in a legal case.
    A luck you have it, we are still on Zarafa and I was able to use the Zarafa Migration Tool to accomplish this. However, I needed to install the Zarafa Client (used with Outlook 2013). Problem this broke my Outlook 2016 installation…

    So if I need to export another user, I need to install the Zarafa Client, run the export, then remove the client so I can use Outlook 2016 again.

    Is there a Kopano tool that will work?


  • Kopano

    You could setup an Outlook profile via ActiveSync + Z-Push and export to an PST after it’s fully synchronized.

  • Sebastian, do you know whether there will be something similar to the package “kopano-migration-pst”, but for exporting to a pst?

  • Kopano

    Hi @klausade ,

    at least not on the short term. The parser we use for kopano-migration-pst is read-only, which means some more research on alternatives has to be done before.

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