GAB (OL2016) not on all clients visible

nearly 50% of my client-pc with Outlook 2016 don’t show up the GAB, Pushin the button to newly re-sync the GAB in KOE Extension works sometimes, but most of the time nothing happens, and no GAB is availible.

Also from commandline nothing happens:

z-push-admin -a resync -t gab -u USER

Found and resynching requested folderid 'Gb26df' on device 'ef27234a5c924e14bf7e0b5a45a67b9c' of user 'USER'
Resync of 1 folders of type 'gab' on device 'ef27234a5c924e14bf7e0b5a45a67b9c' of user 'USER': Requested

How can I force Outlook too recreate or initialy create the hidden GAB?

Kopano 8.5.8, z-push 2.4.1

@segro said in GAB (OL2016) not on all clients visible:

Kopano 8.5.8, z-push 2.4.1

the koe version is quite crucial to know in this case as well.

@segro said in GAB (OL2016) not on all clients visible:

How can I force Outlook too recreate or initialy create the hidden GAB?

z-push-gabsync has an option to remove the gab from the public store. But generally I would recommend to look into the debug dialogue in koe to see if koe actually recognises the gab folder.

Hi Felix,
KOE is the newes community version 2.0.295.
with some clients it IS WORKING, so the z-push-gabsync part should be ok.
Where can I see if it is recognized?

Hi @segro ,

the folder id is below the account. see below for example:


I’d recommend to downgrade to the last supported release. I did notice the same behaviour a while back and downgrading to 1.6 made the gab appear on my machine.

Hi Felix,
correct, downgrading to /supported/koe-16 the GAB appears again without syncing or anything else…
Thank you very much! …


Same problem here. Unfortionaly I onlusten have the newest version

Whit the newest outlouk extensions (2.0.295) and outlook 2016 some buttons are also greyed out like out of the office.


@ckruijntjens said in GAB (OL2016) not on all clients visible:

some buttons are also greyed out

I don’t see this effect, but this is in general cause when koe is not able to connect to z-push.


Hi info install the precious version of koe the I Can click on the buttons and the they are not greyed out

Hi @ckruijntjens ,

could you provide the koe logfile (located in %temp%) for the system that does not have the gab?

stop outlook, delete the old file, start outlook again, wait 2-3 minutes and grab the logfile.


hi with the new koe extension version it is resolved!

Hi @ckruijntjens,

thanks for letting me know. Then it was indeed the timing issue we recently resolved.