Hi, I noticed, that the sovereign ansible playbooks install a rather outdated version of z-push (2.1). I’d like to submit a PR correcting that, but I couldn’t find the changelog in single file to figure out what I should look for to make sure z-push will run properly. Could you point me to the right location, if there’s any? Thanks in advance, P.

Hi P,

sorry, I don’t quite understand your question. Are you asking for a single changelog file of Z-Push since the first Z-Push release? If yes, there’s no such file to my knowlege. We always publish a changelog in the release notes of a version.


Hi Manfred, that’s exactly what I asked for, so that’s not good. Are at least the changelogs for all versions stored in one place or could you easily extract them somehow? Thanks lots,

Hello @killua-eu,

not in a single file, but all changes can be found here:


Hi Pavel,

for Z-Push versions until 2.4.0 you can find the release notes containing the changes here: The folder represents the Z-Push version and besides the tar.gz files there are txt files which are the release notes.

All changes for Z-Push 2.4.X are in this thread: Just be aware that there we announce changes when we merge them into the release branch which represents pre-final versions.