Kopano Imap Connector

  • HI,

    I’m exhausted with activesync, because this protocol not work correctly.

    have you a plan for IMAP + Connector Calendar/Contact ?

    Best regards

  • Kopano

    Hi @ivamp ,

    no there are no such plans from our side. But we are currently implementing some user limitations into koe 2.0 which should make the KOE experience better for some users.

  • Hum OK,

    It is very difficult to use KOE I have a lot of problem and no solution with your support.
    I have many Outlook 2013 and 2016 (on the last version) blocked in synchronization and Z-push does not display any problem …
    Best regards

  • Kopano

    Hi ivamp,

    I remember looking at your support tickets, but we were lacking appropriate responses in your ticket(s).
    I think you have an issue with some broken item, which is causing Outlook to hang like you describing and never completing the sync. We had this once before at another customer and could only fix it after many hours of debugging (actually on the system).
    Unless we do this for your case, it’s not gonna be fixed. I think it’s not a protocol issue, because many many people are using it successfully.

    What you can do with Outlook+KOE+ActiveSync is just to change a single MAPI property to disable the sync of a folder completely.

    You can use OLSpy to do this. Just open the IMAPIFolder and set the boolean property 0x6A1D to false. The folder will then stop synching. If you do this for your email folders it will just sync the others.

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