KOE reply to all - also replies to my own alias


I see if getting mail to an alias address on reply to all getting the mail to myself too - this works in deskapp and webapp as it should - how can i do this with outlook - are there some settings to get outlook be aware the users alias addresses ?


Hi @externa1 ,

I am not able to reproduce this issue. Sending an email to one of my aliases resolves the alias to my primary email. replying to such an email just replies to the sender.

for me it’s acting as follw
get email from external sender to alias address when click reply to all my alias adress is in the to field too - that I’ve tested on 2 different Kopano installations
In webapp/deskapp the alias is converted to my primary email - so on reply to all - only the external senders are in the to field

when looking into the received mails in outlokk there all my alias addresses are not converted to my primary so they stay as alias1@domain alias2@domain

so it seems that outlook is not aware of my alias addresses


still not repro for me (even when including multiple recipients in the mail) in my case WebApp and Outlook behave exactly the same.

Are you sure that the alias is resolved to your user in the mail? e.g. does it show the alias when looking at the mail in WebApp?