Official supported and maintained password plugin

As the title says:
What is the official and active maintained password plugin for webapp?


Hi @klausf ,

there is no official plugin for password changes. I’ve seen some community plugins, but cannot judge on their quality.

Don’t know if it’s officially supported, but this one works for me:

(from this thread: )
kopano core 8.6.80

good luck, Bro

Hi Felix,

is it possible to provide a feature request for such a plugin, which is maintained by kopano developers?
The plugin should support all 3 authentication methods: Unix, DB, LDAP.


Regards Klaus

Thank you for the links to this community plugin

Thanks @Bro just successfully installed the plugin - and wit works with ldap

Great to be of help. Sometimes the answer is already somewhere on the forum or elsewhere, for instance on this page: (although the passwd plugin seems te be a different version there)

good luck, Bro

A supported plugin with ldap/AD support would be a great plus for webapp/deskapp.
Since the files plugin gives remote users access to the server folders, the users need our VPN only to change the password. The pw plugin would eliminate this as well and made the solution round.

We do not currently have plans to release an official Kopano-maintained password modification plugin. We’ve researched into the topic but it introduces few risks (e.g. in case of LDAP/AD it would require Kopano to have write access to these systems).

The community plugin mentioned above seems to do the job pretty well according to the comments. This leaves time for us to spend on other features!

Thanks for your answer! Precisely because a password plugin is associated with security risks, it would be all the more important to have an official plugin.

The possibility to change the password is also a security aspect of the application and therefore such a feature should be given priority.

Regards Klaus

@klausf We’ll certainly keep this in mind for new projects, thanks for bringing it up!