Non-Administrators can't search shared store?

I have a shared store created:

# kopano-admin --details data
Username:		data
Fullname:		PASLists Data E-Mail
Active:			no
Non-active type:	Shared store
Administrator:		no
Address book:		Visible
Auto-accept meeting req:no
Out Of Office:          disabled
Last logon:		03/14/2016 01:54:49 PM
Last logoff:		03/14/2016 01:54:49 PM
Mapped properties:
	PR_EC_ENABLED_FEATURES	imap; mobile; outlook; pop3	
Current user store quota settings:
 Quota overrides:	no
 Warning level:		unlimited
 Soft level:		unlimited
 Hard level:		unlimited
Current store size:	373.44 MB
Groups (2):

I have users in the data group and they can connect to the shared store with no problems. However, if they try to search the store, they get this:

Error in Search, please try again


Administrators can search with no issues.

I have tried given a user Owner or Full Control rights on the shared storage, but that does not help. The only thing that helps is making them an Administrator, which I obviously don’t want to do for all my users.

How do I give users access to Search a shared storage Inbox?


What version of Kopano Core are you running and did you recently upgrade?

You might have to run:

Refer to ticket:

I am running version 8.3.0~718~87.1

rpm -qa | grep kopano-search

I did upgrade, but not recently. Your solution fixed the problem. Thank you so much!