Switching from Outlook+imap to Outlook+activesync+koe

  • I have a user with outlook setup as imap client. We have reconfigured Outlook to use activesync, and also installed KOE. Everything looks good, but the user is missing mails and folders that he claims was there when he used Outlook setup as imapclient. The user has 100 (at least) folders in his mailhierarchy, and it’s a bit confusing to verify if/what exactly is missing.

    But in theory, shouldn’t just switching from imap to activesync just leave all mail and folders as was before?


  • Hi,

    If the folders are still visible in WebApp or IMAP (webapp perhaps is easier to check) then it may just be a matter of waiting for Outlook to sync everything?

  • Kopano

    @klausade that sounds a bit similar to one issue we recently encountered where, pr_container_class was empty, instead of ipf.note. But we actually have only reports of this, when opening shared folders.

    can you enable wbxml and to a hierarchy sync through z-push?

  • Kopano

    I think the issue with the missing container class is not the culprit here.

    Are there only a few folders missing? Or mostly all? I have been debugging an issue where “all folders vanish, beside 4 or 5 main folders” (namely: inbox, sent items, deleted items are still there, the others, especially subfolders: all gone).

    Did you create a completely new Outlook profile? Or did you add the ActiveSync account to an existing profile?
    Could you create a wbxml log and then try creating a completely new profile in Outlook?
    Hopefully from the logs we see what’s going on.

    Note: we found that Outlook doesn’t like to be resynchronized from the server causing folders to be missing.

  • I made a completely new outlook-profil, and let it sit the whole weekend to finnish resyncing. I’m on my way to the user, to find out exactly what files and mails are missing. But, its seems most of the mail and folders are there, and that only some are missing.

    btw how to I “enable wbxml”?


  • Kopano

    These “some are missing” is really hard to debug. Do they have anything in common?
    Are these deep subfolders or something similar?
    Are only folders missing? Or also certain emails in folders?

    Did the synchronization finish? You can check that with “z-push-admin -a list -u <username>”.

    I wrote a small how-to generate a WBXML log: https://wiki.z-hub.io/display/ZP/Debugging

  • I’m less convinced that this is a kopano/z-push issue versus a local power-user issue. We have identified together at least 4 folders missing their content, and some folder totally missing. They are not there when viewed with deskap/webapp/activesync, but they are their in her outlook+imap setup, so I think somehow these mails/folders have managed to end up outside the mailserver, and only locally in outlook on this laptop.

    Makes sense?

  • Kopano

    Yes, this makes total sense.
    Not sure how this can happen, but if they are NOT visible in Webapp/Deskapp, they are definitely not known to the server or present some kind of issue (broken?) that stops them from being shown/synchronized.

  • Hmm, I have most of the folders listed with “Sync: Initialized Status: 0% (0/2)” when looking with “z-push-admin -a list -u username”, and a " Message was causing loop (2)".

    I’ve done the “z-push-admin -a clearloop -d DEVICE -u USER”, but that didn’t change anything,

  • Kopano

    @mcostan said in Switching from Outlook+imap to Outlook+activesync+koe:

    just be a matter of waiting for Outlook to sync everything?

    to add to this, as far as I could observer Outlook synchronises the folders first, and later on the contents of the folders. So a not yet finished sync, can not be an explanation for missing folders.

  • Thanks for the input Felix. But how do I “fix” this situation, I’ve tried “clearloop”:
    Attention needed: 1 messages need attention because they could not be synchronized
    Broken object: ‘SyncMail’ ignored on ‘2017-03-05 14:07’
    Information: Subject: ’
    Reason: Message was causing loop (2)
    Item/Parent id:

  • Kopano

    But this seems like only one email missing. Is the subject and ids actually empty?
    This can have different reasons. Clearloop is not going to solve this.

    You would need to re-queue the message for synchronization. But if it’s only one email, that’s probably not going to change much.

    How many folders have the “Initialized Status” ? Are these email folders? Or e.g. contacts?
    Are these folders visible in Outlook and do they have data in it (sometimes this sync status is not updated correctly, but the folders are synchronized). For a folder with 2 items in it, that could happen.

  • I removed the subject and id before postin (sorry, should have made that clearer). I have 291 folders that have “Sync: Initialized Status: 0%” for this one user.

  • Kopano

    That’s a lot of folders. But do you see data in these folders in Outlook?
    You could create a wbxml log and send us the output of a Sync request?

    Enable wbxml log and then hit the send+receive button in Outlook a few times.

  • I have my hands on the users laptop now. It seems there is more mail and folders only available in OL, than on the server. If I do a export to pst-file, and then open this pst-file from a different OL profile, the missing mails and folder are not there, so they don’t even seem to make into the backup-pst. So right now I’m a bit apprehensive as to doing anything else, afraid that the (important) mail only visible in OL on the laptop might get syncec away.

  • I think we can close this, as far as kopano/z-push is involved. I found out that there was folders and mail locally on the laptop in outlook configured with imap, that was not present on the server. These same folders and mails, would also not be exported to a pst-file, they just didn’t. I have no idea what the true culprit was here, but worked around it by adding another empty pst-file, and manually copying the main-folder into this new empty pst-fil, which was later opened from outlook configured with activesync, and then we shall see if it’s possible to copy/move from a pst-file opened in outlook into kopano via activesync.

    So, lets close this now.

  • @klausade

    copy from pst to kopano through outlook active sync does not work on emails as microsoft does not allow that
    you can copy through outlook 2010/2013 with zarafa-client if you have subscription or use the pst import tool on kopano server



  • I have subscription, and already have the pst-import tool ready for the jobb.

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