Webapp is broken in Firefox Quantum 57.0.4

Webapp is broken in Firefox Quantum 57.0.4

Checked on Zarafa server, Kopano server and Firefox on Windows and Linux.

Webapp renders correctly, but when you click an email only the header-part is rendered.

It also fails on official Kopano webapp demo site (https://demo.kopano.com/webapp/index.php)

Maybe this is more a Firefox error?

hi @idledk ,
I can’t confim this issue.
Have you cleaned your cache?
My system also runs firefox 57.0.4 and everything works fine.
Sounds like some Add-ons block the webapp
best regards

@idledk are you by any chance using uBlock origin?

Good morning,
I observed same behaviour with webapp-git-master on Google-Chrome whereas “current” DeskApp, Chromium and IE were unaffected.

The problems resolved with yesterday’s commits somewhere between 7424a64fdcb and 0a5e0501de1.


It affected Opera too.

I downloaded the latest Webapp from the community site last night and it now appears to be working.

Well, yes. It might have been a adblocker-plus problem…

Gone today.

Sorry for making such a fuzz…

yes well spotted. I was indeed using ad blocker plus.