not a good experience

  • Hi,

    Today I convinced our CEO to give WebMeetings a try.
    It was not a convincing experience.
    The other side was using camera + voice, he himself only voice (on firefox).
    The problem was that the sound was very bad; constantly distoring into noise/falling away.
    Our mail/webmeetings-server is in a data center with a fast uplink. Our own internet connection was far from saturated.

    What are the things we can do to fix this problem?

  • Was there a good audio equipment involved? Webmeetings with integrated micro/speaker is not a good idea - independent what kind of software you are using. It should be better, if both sides are using headsets or an USB connected microphone.

    I made some audio and video conferences across the Atlantic (Germany/Mexico) - and it was working fine.

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