Prompt of Kopano WebApp to add itself to mail-links appears every reload even if someone don't want it

  • Dear,

    a prompt of Kopano WebApp to add itself to mail-links of the browser appears every reload/login even if someone don’t want it. There is no was do disable this prompt - that’s annoying.

  • OS?
    Version Webapp?

  • @umgfoin
    Firefox 57.0.1 @ Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS
    Firefox 57.0.1 @ Windows 10 Pro

    If you accept the query it will not shown again. But if not, it comes up every login.

  • Here working as exspected:

    Firefox 52.5.1@ CentOS6.9
    Chromium 63.0.3239.84@Win7x64
    and other browsers on MacOS 10.11.x & 10.12.x

    WebApp git-master

    [hias@beppe]# firefox
    *** registerProtocolHandler(mailto,,Kopano WebApp)
    [hias@beppe]# firefox --version
    Mozilla Firefox 52.5.1

    I can’t recognize atypical code here in client/zarafa/Zarafa.js .

    Did you ever try to manually register a control-handler on affected systems?

    • Navigate to your webapp-login-page
    • With input-focus on your browser open a Javascript-console-window ( for WIN press [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + J )
    • Enter here:
    navigator.registerProtocolHandler('mailto','url-to-your-webapp/index.php?action=mailto&to=%s,', 'Kopano WebApp');
    • report back results


  • @umgfoin We don’t want to register the service and we dont want to be prompted therefor every time we login.

  • Kopano

    In that case a plugin which overwrite the function would be more suitable for you.

    The mailTo is described here:

    Overwriting it can be done with something like:

    Zarafa.registerMailto = Ext.emptyFn;

    Should work if you put it in initPlugin

    initPlugin : function() {

    Take a look at some of our plugins in stash how it’s build up.

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