Deleting entries in a search result dont delete them


if I search for some emails and than delete some of them in the resultset (e. g. pressing shift+del) they disappear but they are NOT deleted. Just a click on the magnifying glass and they are back.


When you delete an email they end up in the deleted folder, which means that they still show up in the search although they are now in the deleted folder.

If you delete them again they won’t come back.

That’s why, in my opinion, we do need the following item addressed by Kopano:

@mcostan As I wrote: Using “shift-del” - so they are NOT moved do the deleted folder,


PS: Can somebody spend me some reputation, I dont want to wait 150 seconds between two posts - thank you!

apologies, my fault for not reading properly your post.

@cmks Have a look at your search log, perhaps search is slow in processing the changes.