Synchronising only contacts data via ActiveSync/z-push on Android


I’d like to use ActiveSync/z-push to sync contact data from a CardDAV server to Android devices. The motivation for this is, that Android does not have native CardDAV support, bug ActiveSync support (via Exchange account) is builtin.

Im my case, I don’t provide a full-blown Exchange server. When setting up the Exchange account, I can only disable the automatic sync of emails and calendar data. In the GMail app, it does show me a (non-functional) email account though.

Is it somehow possible to use ActiveSync to only sync contact data and tell Android to not create an associated email account?

Hi mbiebl,

the only possibility to sync contacts only via an ActiveSync account is the way you did - by disabling email and calendar sync.

Regarding the non-active email account appearing in the app, I suggest you ask at some android forum or contact your device’s vendor.


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