CardDAV not syncing against Nextcloud

  • I am having issues with synchronizing contacts using Google Exchange Account on Android phone.
    As soon as a contact is created or modified on the phone, the changes are not sent back to the server and the entire contact list dissapears.

    I am unable to find anything in the logs.
    This is printed by zpush.log:
    25/11/2017 12:30:52 [ 18] [ INFO] [mary] StatusException: SyncCollections->CheckForChanges(): Timeout forced after 116s from 480s due to other process - code: 3 - file: /var/www/html/lib/core/synccollections.php:579
    The error log prints:
    25/11/2017 12:28:54 [ 188] [WARN] [mary] Mobile loop detected! Messages sent to the mobile will be restricted to 1 items in order to identify the conflict.

    Calendar items sync very well.
    Could you please give my any advise on how to fix it?

  • Kopano


    these log entries are not enough to determine what the issue is.
    Could you enable WBXML debug log and start from scratch (remove profile from phone and re-add it).
    Then reproduce the error case and send us the log.

    More information on how to enable debugging can be found here:


  • Thanks for looking into it. I am unable to find anything in the log.

    Please, let me know if you need anything else.
    Thank you.

  • Kopano

    The only thing I can see here, is that Jerry is synchronized from the server to the client. Looks all good. Is it being displayed on the mobile?
    Can you also try to produce the error case, by creating/modifying a contact as you described in your first post?


  • Yes, Jerry shows up on the phone.
    As soon as I modify his card on the phone, the entire list is gone and change is not sent back to the server.
    When I create a new contact on the phone, it is not sent back to the server, but the contact list from the server is reloaded back to the phone. Strange…

  • Kopano

    Yeah, so please send the log when you modify the contact on the phone…

  • It is already in the existing paste.
    I modified Jerry and created a new contact on the phone before submitting the log.

  • Kopano

    The log doesn’t show the phone sending anything to the server.
    Could you then try to modify the contact a few times then? Perhaps there is some delay when synching.

    Some like: modify Jerry, wait so it comes back, modify again, wait, create a new contact, wait.
    Perhaps we can see something then.


  • zpush log:
    erorr log:

    Thank you for taking the time to look into it.

  • Kopano

    Unfortunately I can’t see anything wrong with the log. The device never sends any changed/new data to the server, it just starts from scratch.
    Please check if in the profile settings you only activate contacts (disable mail, calendar, tasks and notes).

    Do you have any other phone available you could test with?
    Not sure how else to help, there is nothing in the log.

    You could try to cat a log from the android device (adb logcat). Perhaps we get an indication what’s going on.

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