Changed password, account locked

Hi, this is the problem: user changes password on zimbra account with webmail, the smartphone or tablet with old password tries to connect unsuccessfully to zimbra server, after a certain number of failed attemps the account is locked.
How can we avoid this?
Thank you

p.s. using z-push zimbra backend

This is how most mobiles work. Z-Push should return a 401 (unauthorized) in case the password doesn’t match.
Normally the mobiles tries up to 3 times and after three 401 responses it shows the user a “please provide password” popup.

Can you check which return code was sent to the mobiles?

Did perhaps Zimbra block the account before/at 3 attempts? In this case it should be possible to increase the policy to a slightly higher value (4 or 5?).

Yes, all depends on client settings and on number of devices per user (more devices, more blocking possibility),; I changed zimbra default account block settings to more suitable values and I’ll set personalized values on the mailboxes with many devices.
Thank you.