[Contribution] KC-dagent, KW-webapp: Implement rule-conditions based on transport-headers and OOF-state

Hello folks,
just finished a patch adding two additional rule-conditions to WebApp:

  • Filter messages by specific words in the transport-header:
    This is especially handsome to sort away messages from mailing-lists.
  • Activate rules dependant on Out-Of-Office-state: Auto-forward messages if you’re OOF.

0_1511371647967_webapp-contrib-rules.JPG new webapp-rules

If this is of general interest, I’d be happy to contribute to the Kopano-codebase.
The patch implies extensions to dagent and webapp.


I would like to have this enhancement, the OOF state based rules are already requested by my users :-)

@umgfoin wow, this is great!

We would be happy to review (and include) your contribution in the codebase. If you follow these (https://stash.kopano.io/projects/KC/repos/kopanocore/browse/CONTRIBUTING.md) instructions, we can process as smoothly as possible.


Hi @bhuisman ,
pull-requests ready on github and mailed to contributing@kopano.io


Inbetween, necessary modifications to kopano-core arrived in the current community-builds.
Commits for webapp, haven’t been pulled, yet - self-builders will find my webapp-fork here on github: umgfoin/kopano-webapp .


Hi Bob,
thanks for the flowers on Kopano Releases February 2018.

As other readers brought to my attention:

The Webapp GUI-part of OOFbased rules was stripped from my pull-request - only the messageheader-rule extension was merged to Webapp. With the current implementation, you can’t set the OOF-condition-checkbox in the rules-dialog as shown above - relevant GUI-code is absent in master and release.

I’m not sure if this was intentionally (so-to-speak two sub-features in one pull-request) or by mistake?

WebApp commit f21a487d260 (master) brought OOF-dependant-rules-editing to WebApp. There’s no more need to pull from my github-fork.